3 Aug 2010

Pest's Creative characters

s'all about the pest! Budapest to be exact! This is the first of I'm sure many blog entries about the creative energy and euphoric moments of paradise to be found on the crumbling streets of Budapest. I found these friendly little characters on the streets of Pest outside a squatters bar called 'Tuzrakter' on Hegehu u. It seems like if there's a spare building, an empty wall, a quiet evening or an unused bit of space- a bit of creativity organizes itself and suddenly appears, attracting bohemian ravers, makers, readers, drinkers, ping-pong players and young families.

Whether approaching a sketch-book or a half-derelict building, this approach to life is in sink
with my own, and a useful way to make sense of a world, when time is also spent lost inside a personal world of thought and image. If a spiritual world exists for us all, I think I've found mine. But I am happy to be back in my south-London heaven. From one amazing city to another!

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