3 Aug 2010

Art is childs play..

So those moments of creative paradise that I mentioned; this was one I found last year in Budapest which I just remembered. Makes me think of a programme that was on the BBC recently, about modern art and child's play. All children are artists in their own right, making things, drawing representations of things, expressing themselves through creativity and play. When do we loose the ability to loose ourselves in art? To make something for no other reason than to entertain ourselves and our friends? Is it when we become too aware of ourselves and our bills etc?

Our flat and studio is full of half finished projects, models and drawings and we perpetually behave like a couple of under tens! I think some of us have a bit of a peter pan syndrome for various reasons, but if it keeps creativity and absent minded inventiveness alive then Boom! That's what it's all about no?!

When 'the cottage project' space and cafe opens, we will actively encourage our friends and customers to make, create and draw whilst browsing, munching and sipping! We will do our best to make small moments of paradise in day-to-day life.

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