4 Aug 2010

Inventive Interiors: South London Gallery.

I'm aware that I keep going on about how much I love the South London Gallery in Peckham, but here comes a bit more gushing blogging love! Above are my photo's of the new artist in residence's flat above the gallery, currently showing 'Nothing is forever' a collection of images applied directly onto the walls in different rooms and areas of the flat. An inspiring and contemporary way to approach interiors as well as to display art work. The vinyl black tape, bouncing flat on the walls heading in many directions in the white stair-case, may well be lifted strait into the cottage development in New Cross thank you very much! I love it there.

Over the course of a year, three different artists will be given the opportunity to live, work and exhibit in this amazing new space, and I can't wait to come back and see what is created in this unique atmosphere, I know that the creative mind would flourish when planted in such an environment, and that is a truly successful interior, purpose built with inspiration in mind.

Also run by the South London Gallery is another artist residency programme called 'Making Play: adventures in creative play through contemporary art' where a number of artists take up residency in a nearby former shop unit on Sceaux Gardens Estate and run a selection of children's art workshops every Saturday to encourage the young creative mind and engage with local children. Find out more here.

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