5 Aug 2010

Do you Ignore the elephant?

Seeing this elephant on the wall in a gallery made me realize how in our own little worlds with our own little problems, we have managed to push the problems of the world to the back of our minds. I just forget sometimes and I think we all do, that most of the time our problems just aren't real. Too much work, too many projects, too many things to do and places to go to = not real. So taking all that into account, how then can one acknowledge more in day to day life all the elephants of the world? Poverty, war, environmental degradation, unfair labour and mass consumerizing culture just to name a few! Are there ways that we can make small changes in our every day living to bring new light and attention to these matters? I know some people (quite allot actually) believe that the;being just one small person in a big pond-can't make much difference; but have you ever been bitten by a mosquito? We can make little changes; shop less, write letters to important people of power, buy better, recycle more, waste less and generally make better, more considered decisions. Not only will this lead to a better world for everyone but bring meaning to many lives. Not to be preachy or anything...but let's just do something every day, no matter how big or small to acknowledge what it is all too easy to ignore.

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