15 Aug 2010

Repair Project..

It's not just our clothes that we need to 'make to and mend'... I saw a bench in my local park (bermondsey) that had been repaired and it made me smile.

It is directly linked or inspired by the work of Linda Brothwell and her Repair Project, currently featured in the Design Museums designer of the year exhibition. I love this aesthetically as a patchwork of time and people add and create new narratives to public spaces and furniture..it shows that care is being taken and pride in community and our environment, and it makes me proud just seeing it.

By using traditional craft techniques to repair every day objects and street furniture in the public realm, not only saves materials and resources, but could provide work or training to crafts people and add an element of design and community to things that we take for granted in their virgin state. I hope to see more of this around town, and I hope it turns into a movement that will encompass more than benches, such as lamp-posts, gates and fences.

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