15 Aug 2010

Guess who's back?

I finally made it back to Franks! ie..my favourite bar/car park/sculpture exhibition/rooftop/cafe in London! Based in Peckham, Franks Campari bar and cafe boasts some of the best views of London as well as a kick ass menu, new art works, some wonderful 'hand-crafted' chairs and stools that I LOVE and is back for another summer!

I love nothing more than sipping me ginger beer under the red tarpaulin, gazing out across my beloved south London, reading my magazine and listening to some rather grizzly hip hop! I am currently working with a group of foreign students on a summer school course, and decided to take them off the beaten tourist track for a day out of inspiration and research...we ended up at Franks on soggy Friday afternoon where we had fresh lemonade and I delivered my new brief! The students were quite blown away by the place, which reignited my love for it. Reminiscent of Budapest's attitude for creativity to organize itself in any space and time available, there's a certain magic wandering up the dingy concrete stairs, like you're entering a secret bit of fun and happiness! I'm delighted it decided to come back this year, and look forward to many more soggy Friday afternoons spent there!

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