15 Aug 2010

Design Museum exhibitions..

Today I went to see the three exhibitions currently showing at the Design Museum London; The Brit Insurance Designs of the year, Urban Africa and Sustainable futures, and here are my favourite things:

CLOUDS- Modular systems of triangle tiles and rubber bands sculpted together by hand to create furniture/textiles/curtains/installations as a response to the cold harsh architecture and interiors often found in design magazines, this piece for the home is a way to play with and soften the home environment, and I think is a beautiful piece of fun and cleaver design.

PALLET FURNITURE- By Nina Tolstrup. "Think Global act local" Linear furniture made from reclaimed pallets, assembly guidelines can be ordered online for £10 and the pieces are also being made in Buenos Aires by a manufacturing cooperative teaching unemployed workers.

PALINDROME SERIES- Cabinet that is half mould and half cast. Project about symmetry.

SUGRU HACK- A moulding material to 'Hack things better'. A tool for a community that is no longer content with designer products and consumer culture. A design revolution bu non-designers!

MIRIAM DIDHA- Natural Hemp satin clothes. The simplicity of handmade craft techniques, knotting, fraying and dyeing.

DIETER RAM's TEN PRINCIPALS FOR GOOD DESIGN- http://www.vitsoe.com/en/gb/about/dieterrams/gooddesign

RATION ME UP- Ration book UK, by 'The ministry of trying to do something about it'. Helping people to understand what they are consuming and how it costs the earth.

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