17 Aug 2010

Shetland weaving adventuring!

I'm setting off on an amazing adventure today...to the middle of the Atlantic ocean!

I'm going to the small northerly island of Yell in the Shetland Islands, to start a residency in weave there, working with local people and learning as much as I possibly can! I cannot wait to immerse myself into a quiet life of weaving, looms, yarns, patterns and books! I plan to make new friends, draw, read and walk every day, and see and experience as much as I can, and will of course be Shetland blogging crazy when I get back!

First though I have to navigate several trains, laden down with a bag full of sketchbooks and warm clothes, and a 14 hour boat trip, where I am determined to spot a whale or a dolphin!

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  1. Wow thats awesome! How on earth did you manage to find out you could do such a fabulous thing? I'd give my right arm to do that!