7 Apr 2011

Helmshore Mills Textiles Museum

Reproduction of a poster from the mill walls of 1836 stating the rules and punishments of the Manufactory.

Doffing cylinders for lengths of un-spun carded cotton.

Making the individual yarn lengths for spinning.

Teasels for finishing woven woollen cloth.

Amazing contemporary looking glass hooks for hanging cloth for bleaching when woven. Super old and super beautiful!

Mill walls all painted in this white and turquoise with a red stripe, good colour combo for a weave I think!

A recent trip to the oh so wonderful Helmshore Mills Textiles Museum. One of the first of the UK's mills at the start of the industrial revolution, closed in the 60's and 70's and is now a fantastic source of historic and technical detail about the processes and lives of the spinners and weavers who created the 'jewel of the realm'. First a woollen mill then diversifying into cotton production this mill was built by the enterprising Turner family in 1789, the details, images, examples, videos and wonderful tour guides really enlightened me to what it must have been like working in a mill in that bygone age. I recommend a visit to everyone!

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