7 Apr 2011

Yarn Sourcing....

If you're brave enough to open my cupboards today or to open that giant box underneath my weaving table -be careful of what you may find! Not teddy bears but bundles and cones and balls and wraps of yarn! All colours of the Holly Berry rainbow! Navy, mustard, coral, geranium, Khaki, pumpkin, turquoise, moss and violet! Cup of tea in hand, colour chart in mind I spent a very happy Friday morning recently in Rochdale dipping into piles of beautiful fibres and colour to cherry pick my new season shades, which have already found themselves onto the loom. This year I will be making new colour stories, including one inspired by the lichens, mosses and molluscs I've photographed on my trips to northern Scotland, and another influenced by Shetland Harbours and graphic-utility road markings and construction sites, and of course I will not be abandoning my acid bright colour junkie roots. The sun is shining in London and my studio is ablaze with colour, what could be better!

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