25 Aug 2011

Hand Made in Britain

It's the Southbank centres anniversary of the festival of Britain this summer, the original festival was 60 years ago this year, it is also the anniversary of my mothers birth, also 60 years ago this summer, and also Made in Britain! 1951 was obviously a very good year.

I saw these signs that stood out to me, as how important making in Britain was in 1951, and how we have somewhat lost this today. I do feel a shift though, we have mass unemployment and a new appreciation for goods made within the UK, add those together and you get, perhaps a somewhat naive dream of a solution! I want us to become an island of makers again! We need to teach our children the value of making, we need to support our factories, mills and production sites, and we need makers to communicate the joys and rewards of making, and the value in products that have had a human if local touch.

There's lots of great things going on down there, I missed the Honey Festival last weekend, but am heading down there now to see what I can find.

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  1. I so agree with what you say. There's nothing so satisfying as making something yourself especially clothes and knowing you won't see anyone else wearing the same thing.