17 Aug 2011

Peckham Peace Wall

There was a fleeting moment last Monday when I wanted to just leave London and run for the hills, I though the community and creativity and strength of the people that I believe in had evaporated. Sitting in my flat watching the riots on TV with all of my local shops boarded up, waiting to see if we were next.... I didn't want to stay here any more.

But now I go around my area and community and I see things like this Peace wall in Peckham and I see kids on school holidays making films about their area on their phones, and now I know I don't want to leave. I want to help get things better. To 'be the change I want to see in the world'. 

This shop on Rye Lane in Peckham had it's windows smashed in by rioters last Monday, the local public reacted by covering the then boarded up windows in reasons that they love Peckham. Now this board and these people have become one of the reasons that I love Peckham! And FYI I wont be leaving London!!

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