3 Jun 2012


Today is the day of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Flotilla on the Thames. I'm heading down there in an hour to partake in the merriment and festivities and hopefully meet lots of other makers who have been invited to the celebration. Talking about makers.... here's some very appropriate celebratory knit art, made by my dear friends mother, who we all think is a genius wizard of stitch, there's nothing she can't knit! Her eye for detail is spot on and her love of making as well as royalty is evident in the care and enjoyment she has taken in making these pieces! We love them!!! (please note...she's even knitted the CORGIS and their COLLARS!)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Holly - these figures are just gorgeous! The detail is unbelievable! Does your mother's friend sell her work? I would love one! Thanks for sharing these. Terri