6 Jun 2012


After my mega wonderful day spent on the bridge overlooking the incredible Diamond Jubilee Flotilla I came away feeling almost patriotic! The day was quite moving, the boats were excellent and the great British public's determination to stand and watch, celebrate, party and wave was a breath of fresh air! I met some wonderful people at the Campaign For Wools VIP area where all things woolly were being knitted, stroked, waved around and generally celebrated. As the patron for the campaign is HRH the Prince of Whales it felt wholly appropriate to wave and cheer madly (plus it was the only way to keep warm)

So back to the studio and I am please to be currently in the process of sampling and exploring the potential and properties of some beautiful British yarns, Black Welsh Mountain and Jacobs yarns that are surprisingly soft and silky and making my loom and studio feel very cosy! Just now preparing a new warp to see if I can make some comforting cushions to show at MADE London and MADE Brighton later this year.

The Campaign For Wool can be followed here: http://www.campaignforwool.org/