27 Aug 2012


My sister came down to stay with me in London last weekend and brought with her a big textiles project. She's determined to make a very big and quite complicated star shaped patchwork quilt for her home, and wanted me to help her to make the plans and a sample quilt for her to work from. 

We dug out pink and white fabrics from the scraps bag and started cutting out diamond shapes, playing with how to stitch them together to get the perfect seam and finish. We did this in rows and then sewed the rows together to make eighths of the star, then quarters, halves and then the full shape. 

All this in a day and a half, with a trip to Franks cafe in Peckham and to Brockley farmers market for ice cream when we needed a break. A perfect weekend and a success too. Can't wait to see the finished quilt (and no doubt get roped into a bit more sewing for that too:)