2 Nov 2010

"Fish balls"

I wonder in a dream around small Scottish towns and come across traces of human obsession! Hidden discretely in the back yard or unashamedly stacked either side of the garden path, stacks of 'fish balls' - buoys, life rings, rusting components, tangled fluorescent ropes and long forgotten anchors, lobster pots and wheelbarrows full of nets. It reminds me of the inside of my head and is exactly what I am looking for in colour and proportion. These fishy sea towns provide me with inspiration and spontaneity, an accidental tangle of colour and texture, beautifully unthoughtful and unaffected, not yet contrived by a designer such as myself, who will try to reconsider this mess and interpret it in a way that reflects the life and energy of this pretty disorder.

1 comment:

  1. You need to put these wonderful pictures on flickr, where they will be appreciated by the many wonderful groups who celebrate Buoys and lobster pots.